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Custom Made Clip-on 2, 3
Lenses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Polarized Spring Clip-on 9, 10
Flip-Ups 11, 12
Sun Wraps, Multi-Sport Frames 13
Fit-Overs 14, 15, 16
Dry Eye Relief Sunglasses 17
Reading Glasses 18, 19
Magna-Clips, Make-up Frames 20
Swim Goggles 21
Diving Masks 22
Sports Goggles 23
Nose Pads 24, 25, 26
Bridges 27
Temple Tips, Cables, Temple Covers 28, 29, 30, 31
Screws 32, 33, 34
Adhesives and Screw Maintenance 35
Screwdrivers 36, 37, 38
Measuring Tools 39, 40
Repair Tools 41
Tools / Stainless Steel 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50
Laboratory Equipment 51, 52, 53, 54
Press-on Optics and Eye-Patches 55
3M Leap Blocking Pads 56, 57
3M Surface Saver 58
Micro-Fiber Cloths 59
Lens Cleaner 60
Anti-Fog Treatment 61
Lab Chemicals 62, 63, 64
Tints and UV 65, 66
Lens Treatment 67
Microwave Lab Chemicals 68
Laboratory Supplies 69
Interliners and Rimless Inserts 70
Visor Klip, Miscellaneous 71
Exam Supplies 72, 73, 74
Contact Lens Supplies 75
Cords and Sport Straps 76, 77, 78, 79
Eyeglass Chains 80, 81
LHP Magnifiers 82, 83
Magnifiers 84, 85, 86, 87
Visionaries Fitting Guide 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95
General Order Form 96

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About Kleargo Inc.

When Gerald Lefebvre founded Kleargo in 1972 his dream was to build a successful optical accessories company. Now, 42 years later, with his son Marc at the helm, KLEARGO is ranked one of Canada’s top distributors in the eyewear industry. Recognized for having exceptional customer service and quality products, KLEARGO’s solid business relationships with clients and suppliers has grown exponentially over the years while constantly maintaining customer satisfaction.

1st Priority is Customer Service

Firmly established as a distributor of optical accessories and lab supplies KLEARGO also specializes in manufacturing Custom Clip-Ons and private branded bottles with AR 66 and Klear-Glass lens cleaner solutions. KLEARGO stocks over 2000 products that can be shipped same day of ordering.

Marc Lefebvre



Custom made Clip-Ons

Kleargo is proud to offer full frame custom-made clip-ons for virtually any frame (Metal, plastic, semi-rimless, rimless). Seeing is beleiving.
Send us your frame and within days we will return it to yo with its own hand crafted quality clip-on.

Crafted in accordance to your specifications our custom made clip-ons are an affordable, practical soltion to sun protection for prescription lens wearers.

We offer the following frame colours and lens choices.


gold mat gold antique gold rose gold copper brown
silver antique silver mat silver mat black shiny brown  


Cr39 UV 400 grey, grey green, green, brown (85%) (85%)
Cr39 UV 400 grey and brown (65%)
Cr39 UV 400 grey and brown with AR (85%)
Cr39 UV 400 blue and yellow  
Cr39 UV 400 grey and brown (85%) with 8 base curve
Cr39 UV 400 mirror blue, silver and gold (85%)
AC UV400 Driver  
AC UV400 Polarized grey, grey green, brown and yellow (85%)


Tint your lenses in the microwave. No tint baths. Less evaporation. No waste. There is no expiration date and Micro-Tints enjoy a long shelf life thanks to the small quantities required at each use.

1st step:

Treat your lenses with Micro-Conditioner (648m) 30 to 60 seconds. Rince with water.

2nd step:

Shake well. Pour enough Micro-Tint to cover lens in microwaveable dish. Heat tint to boil. (Time varies with microwave). Immerse lens curved side down and heat at high power for 30 second intervals until desired colour is achieved. Let cool. Rinse with water.

Miracle Screw

The “Tap & Bloc” Self Tapping Screw

This stainless steel screw does not rust and avoids verdigris.

Avoid the use and breakage of taps:

The first 5 threads of the “Tap & Bloc” screw are tempered and hardened allowing you to use it as a tap. If you have a 1.3mm screw turning fool, simply use a 1.4mm “Tap & Bloc” screw. The “Tap & Bloc” screw features a nylon locking system that keeps the screw in place eliminating the need for varnishes and glue.

Do you struggle with screws when reattaching spring hinges?

The cylindrical end of the “Tap & Bloc” screw is engineered to properly thread itself without damaging the hinges. It lets you work without the need of a third hand device, saving you time and trouble. The long (11.5mm) “Tap & Bloc” screw is designed to be cut with a plier after insertion for a neat, clean finish. Save time, glue and taps with The “Tap & Bloc” Self Tapping Miracle Screw!







Head Diameter