Miracle Screw

The “Tap & Bloc” Self Tapping Screw

This stainless steel screw does not rust and avoids verdigris.

Avoid the use and breakage of taps:

The first 5 threads of the “Tap & Bloc” screw are tempered and hardened allowing you to use it as a tap. If you have a 1.3mm screw turning fool, simply use a 1.4mm “Tap & Bloc” screw. The “Tap & Bloc” screw features a nylon locking system that keeps the screw in place eliminating the need for varnishes and glue.

Do you struggle with screws when reattaching spring hinges?

The cylindrical end of the “Tap & Bloc” screw is engineered to properly thread itself without damaging the hinges. It lets you work without the need of a third hand device, saving you time and trouble. The long (11.5mm) “Tap & Bloc” screw is designed to be cut with a plier after insertion for a neat, clean finish. Save time, glue and taps with The “Tap & Bloc” Self Tapping Miracle Screw!