Summary: Kleargo Inc now carries 3M LEAP LSE (Low Surface Energy) Edging pads specially formulated for hydrophobic coated lenses.

Montreal QC November 20th 2006-Kleargo Inc. a major Canadian Optics distributor and manufacturer now carries the much anticipated 3M LEAP LSE (Low Surface Energy) edging pads. A solution for edging hydrophobic coated lenses in a one step approach.

“3M believes that these new one-step pads can be a key component to having more successful edgings of super hydrophobic lenses when applied along with proper edging equipment settings and coating stability considerations” Brian Fones, Marketing Manager.

Choose the right edging pad and block
3M LEAP LSE pads are designed to adhere to hydrophobic coatings. Each side of the pad uses a different, specially formulated adhesive to improve the edging of today’s LSE lenses, by preventing slippage and maintaining axis stability.

Also available are 3M’s new Anti-slip disc (#1705) which can be used with regular finish blocking pads while edging hydrophobic coated lenses.

About Kleargo Inc.
Founded in 1972, Kleargo is now ranked one of Canada’s top distributors in the eyewear industry. Recognized for exceptional customer service and quality products, Kleargo’s solid business relationships with clients and suppliers has grown exponentially over the years, while constantly maintaining customer satisfaction. Kleargo also specializes in manufacturing Custom Clip-Ons while stocking over 1700 products that can be shipped within 1 day of ordering.