I just had to send an email this time….I am always so impressed with your service each time I have ordered. This time I had to write!

I recently had a mother come in with her son’s glasses - the dog got the temple tips. Her son attends a school for the blind in Brantford Ontario and he is only home on the weekends…I had phoned the frame supplier Tuesday (I do not yet have an account with them). After some work, they agreed to take my credit card and ship the product. Well, it is now Thursday at 4:00 and I didn’t have the temple tips. I phoned to check on my order and was told that they were unable to ship the tips, it was only a $6.00 order and the accountants would not ship a visa order for that amount! They didn’t even let me know that it would not shipped as they had told it would be.

Well, Kleargo to the rescue. I phoned and have ordered (with customer service help as always!) an item that I hope will work for this family and I still had 1/2 hour before your shipping doors closed.

You have proven to be a company that is always a pleasure to deal with. Your customer service staff are always educated and informed about the product they sell. It is nice to see that some companies still care about what they sell and how they sell it!

Many thanks!

Nancy Wilkes

8 Main Street North,
Acton, ON L7J 1W1

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